Friday 1 March 2024
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Whale Watching in Eden – Which Species to Expect to See

Whale Watching in Eden – Which Species to Expect to See

Eden is a small coastal town near the southern end of New South Wales, Australia. A small town with a rich fishing history, Eden has a population of around 3500. Geographically, Eden is situated roughly halfway between Sydney and Melbourne, making it an ideal place to meet.

As a coastal fishing town, there are considerable options available for tourists wishing to get out on the water and see some wildlife. Whale watching in Eden is a popular past-time activity. 


New South Wales attracts millions of tourists every year, many of whom enjoy cruising down the A1 highway from Sydney to Melbourne. A stop in Eden offers a chance to relax and explore nature after the long drive.

Whales – Nature’s most Magnificent Beasts

There are a high number of different species of whale who migrate through eastern Australia and which can be easily spotted close to shore. Examples of whale species which are often seen around Eden and New South Wales in general include:

  • Humpback Whale – get up close and personal to this iconic beast as it migrates the coast of Australia. Humpback whales are considered a moderately large whale, with the longest ever recorded measuring 17.4 meters. They are regularly seen within 20km of the coast, in waters often less than 200 meters deep.  Humpbacks can produce a wide variety of sounds, that they use in different circumstances such as mating, feeding, distress, or other social circumstances. Some male’s ‘songs’ can be heard over 20km away underwater.
  • Sperm Whale – This species can be found throughout the world’s oceans and most confluent seas. It is the most common of the large whale species and can be spotted close to shore where the seas are 200 meters deep or more. It is estimated that sperm whale numbers are only at 30% of what they were in pre-whaling times.
  • Blue Whale – According to scientists, the blue whale is the largest creature to have ever lived on earth. This exceptionally graceful and impossibly powerful giant can be spotted in the cool deep waters of the Pacific off the coast of New South Wales. Sightings of Blue Whales in Australian coastal waters are widespread, with individuals using the coastal waters of NSW for both feeding and migratory reasons.

Taking part in whale watching trips and supporting your local ocean conservation charity is a great way to help bring the population of these magnificent creatures back to what it once was.