Friday 1 March 2024
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Your To-Do List for Exploring The Best Of Washington

Your To-Do List for Exploring The Best Of Washington

Talk of fun things to do and explore in Washington, and you will never run out of ideas. Home to the much-famed Olympic Peninsula, this state is all about indulgence. If you are not someone who would go out hiking & trekking, you can pretty much head to one of the Washington casinos. Some of the casino resorts in the state are known for incredible packages, ideal for a weekend getaway.

In this post, we are sharing a few places to consider for your trip to Washington.

Figure out a casino resort

Washington has some incredible resorts, and if you are a fan of gambling and casinos, we have mentioned about casino resorts. These resorts are not merely about stay and gambling, but the best ones have amazing shows and performances from time to time. If you don’t want to get lost in the woods, this could be an alternative.

Head to Lake Diablo

Lake Diablo is known for its turquoise waters, and it’s every traveler’s ultimate dream to see in Washington. We recommend that you make time in the summer months, when the weather is just right, and you can explore the region better. One of the fun things to do here is camping, and you will find numerous spots.

Make time for North Cascades National Park

Mount Baker is one of the biggest attractions in Washington, and you have to make time to hike here. Summer is the best time to visit, and you can consider the Chain Lakes Loop Trail, which is considerably challenging. There are also camping spots here, and yes, you should also head to Nooksack Falls, which is nearby. North Cascades National Park is also great in the winters, with hundreds of glaciers, and we promise you are unlikely to find a spot like that anywhere in the US.

Don’t missPalouse Falls

Ideal for taking pictures for Instagram, Palouse Falls is a sight to behold, and you need to come here somewhere around early summer or late spring. The trails here are not for seniors, and we recommend that you be careful about getting around, especially after summer.

Final word

Now that you have figured out what to do in Washington, go ahead and make your plans. If you are booking a resort, especially casino resort, and camping sites, do check in advance and make sure to check all the details. Advance booking is usually recommended for most attractions in Washington for weekends and holidays.